Nau Lumberjack Scholarship 2022 Ongoing

Over the years, the NAU Lumberjack scholarship has been a lifesaver for many who needed financial assistance to complete their degrees.


This scholarship is only available at Northern Arizona University and is funded by the university’s lumberjacks. The Scholarship award allows awardees to claim other scholarships simultaneously (multiple scholarships).



The NAU Lumberjack Scholarship is worth $10,000 in total.

It is enough to pay the cost of attending NAU Flagstaff Mountain for one semester.  It does not cover fees or other expenses.



Awardees of the NAU lumberjack Scholarship must attend the Flagstaff Mountain campus.



Only Arizona residents are considered for the NAU lumberjack Scholarship. 



To be eligible for the NAU lumberjack Scholarship, applicants must:

  • be Arizona residents 
  • Enrolling as freshmen at Northern Arizona University
  • Have completed the 16 core college preparatory courses required for admission.
  • Earned a minimum 3.5-grade point average. 
  • Not have scored lower than a “B” in any required core course.



Students are automatically considered for the NAU lumberjack scholarship upon admission, so a separate application is not required.



Applicants of the NAU lumberjack Scholarship must:

  • Be Arizona Residents only. 
  • Have completed and/or in-progress work of the 16 college preparatory (core) courses that are required for admission.
  • Have a minimum 3.5 unweighted core high school GPA, with no letter grade lower than “B” in any of the college preparatory courses.
  • Full-time enrollment 
  • Complete enough credit hours to progress to the next academic level (30 credits to be a sophomore; 60 credits to be a junior; 90 credits to be a senior). 

See more: Lumberjack Application requirements



The NAU lumberjack Scholarship is renewable for four consecutive academic years provided that the students meet the renewal criteria each year.

To renew your Scholarship each year, you must:

  • Maintain a minimum GPA as noted in individual award elements and on the award letter
  • Maintain full-time course enrollment
  • Complete enough credit hours each academic year to progress to the next academic level (30 credits to be a sophomore; 60 credits to be a junior; 90 credits to be a senior).

Note: Repeated courses do not count toward the academic level progression requirement.

If you have circumstances preventing you from meeting any of the renewal criteria, you can submit a Scholarship Reinstatement Request by the priority date for the applicable semester. Submission of this request does not guarantee award reinstatement.



The offer of admission must be accepted and the enrollment deposit paid by May 1 for the following academic year. If awarded, high school transcripts must be submitted per the instructions provided in the award letter. Click here for more information.


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The Northern Arizona University sponsors 56 more scholarships

Below are list of schools sponsored by NAU LUMBERJACK 

  • A. Bruce and Margaret Crozier Scholarship
  • All Arizona Academic Team Scholarship
  • Allen Blunk Memorial
  • American Indian Program Scholarship
  • Arizona Academic Decathlon Scholarship
  • Arizona Hazlewood Memorial Scholarship
  • Barbara Cline Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Bea Claire Miller Memorial Scholarship
  • Betty Jean Laman Memorial Scholarship
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Nurse Practitioner Scholars
  • Carroll Lane and Mildred Adams Fenton Scholarship
  • Christine Gentry-Carpenter Memorial Scholarship
  • Compassion in Nursing
  • David P. McElwain Health Professions Scholarship
  • Dawn M. Fenski- Lopez Memorial Scholarship
  • Dean’s Tuition Scholarship
  • Dental Hygiene Scholarship
  • Eleanor Joan Kellis Memorial
  • Elizabeth White Hopi Scholarship
  • Ellen Rasmussen Memorial Scholarship
  • Feugate and Mansfield Dental Hygiene Scholarship
  • Flagstaff Medical Center Health Professions Scholarship
  • Founders Non-resident Blue Award
  • Founders Non-resident Gold Award
  • Gregg E. Kollman Scholarship
  • Harold L. and Marion L. Elliott
  • Holly Hart/Josh Randall Vande Veegaete Memorial Scholarship
  • Honors Merit Scholarship
  • Honors Program Director’s Scholarship
  • James McClure Dental Hygiene Scholarship

See more: NAU LUMBERJACK SCHOLARSHIP sponsored schools.




  • Is the NAU lumberjack Scholarship awarded every year?  


Yes, the NAU lumberjack Scholarship is awarded yearly. Students are considered for this scholarship upon admission. 


  • Is THE NAU lumberjack Scholarship renewable?  


Yes, the NAU lumberjack Scholarship is renewable provided the students meet up with the renewal criteria. 


  • Am I required to attend a specific school if I apply for the NAU lumberjack Scholarship?   


Yes, students are required to attend Flagstaff Mountain Campus. 




The Northern Arizona University (NAU) lumberjack Scholarship is an annual renewable Scholarship option for Arizona citizens.

Only tuition is covered by the $16,000 scholarship. Not included are fees and other charges.

Due to the fact that candidates are only considered for the NAU lumberjack scholarship after they have been accepted to the university, there are specialized application procedures for this award.

The NAU lumberjack scholarship must be renewed every year, and students who fail to satisfy the standards must file a reinstatement request.


For more information, you can contact Northern Arizona University

P.O. Box 4084

Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4084 United States 

Or visit Northern Arizona University


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