The Pat Tillman Scholarship 2022 Guide

An opportunity to review and earn over a military scholarship is currently open for you with The Pat Tillman Scholarship.



The Pat Tillman Foundation invests in the way forward for military veterans and their spouses through educational scholarships referred to as The Pat Tillman Scholarship.

The aim of the Scholarship is to create a various community of leaders committed to serving others.

Tillman students are hand-picked on the idea of their extraordinary educational and leadership potential, their true sense of vocation, and their deep commitment to making a positive amendment.

Those hand-picked to receive the scholarship are extremely winning, with ninety-eight scholarship recipients graduating from school and ninety-six coverage employment within twelve months of their graduation.



The Pat Tillman scholarship amount covers instructional expenses, as well as tuition and costs, books et al..

The Pat Tillman students also receive far more than simply funding, they conjointly receive the following;


  • Access to the Tillman Scholar Community and leadership opportunities inside the network
  • Invitation to the annual Pat Tillman Leadership Summit in Chicago, IL
  • Entry to the annual Pats Run in Tempe, AZ, or Shadow Runs nationwide
  • Access to mini-grants to attend skilled development opportunities (conferences, workshops, and training)
  • Invitation to premier partner conferences as well as INC. 500/5000
  • Access to veteran affinity teams and talent acquisition networks at high firms across the U.S.
  • Participation in ground-breaking analysis studies within the veterans and military community
  • Opportunities to satisfy and volunteer with veteran partner organizations as well as Team Rubicon, The Mission Continues, and Team RWB
  • Highlights of your stories, studies and repair efforts on the Pat Tillman Foundation web site and social media


The Pat Tillman scholarship has sixty opportunities for candidates.



Expenses related to schooling are covered through the Pat Tillman Scholarship. The prize is often used to cover the costs of education, such as tuition, room and board, and books. Students at Tillman University may anticipate a life award of $22,000 on average or an award of $11,000 on average.

The Pat Tillman Award is referred to as an “unrestricted scholarship,” which means that you get a lump-sum payment that you may spend any way you see fit. Your GI Bill payment or eligibility will not be affected by this.

The scholarship may cover all of a student’s educational expenditures, including tuition and fees as well as those pesky extra charges, such as room and board and textbooks.



The Pat Tillman Scholarship Foundation program is meant for active duty service members, veterans, and military partners assuming to get into a university or university for college boy and graduate studies.



Pat Tillman scholarship is to be taken within u.s.



The Pat Tillman Scholarship is receptive to all U.S.A. voters. A U.S.-based school as a full-time student is eligible for the Pat Tillman Scholarship.



The Pat Tillman Scholarship is receptive candidates UN agency meet the subsequent criteria:

  • Veteran and active-duty military service members from all branches of the U.S. military as well as the territorial reserve UN agency have served in each pre-and-post-9/11 era.
  • Current Spouses of veteran or active service members, as well as living spouses
  • Spouses, veterans, and repair members of UN agency apply should be a full-time* student following one among the subsequent degrees at a public or non-public, U.S.-based, authorized  establishment for the coming fall/spring educational year:



To be eligible for the Pat Tillman Scholarship, you want to meet the subsequent eligibility requirements:

You must:

  • Maintain a full-time  student standing
  • Maintain a high educational standing (3.0 standard or high)
  • Be senior veterans or spouses following a degree as a full-time  student:
  • Be at Undergraduate/Bachelors level
  • Graduate or specialist credentials set a public or personal, U.S.-based authorized  establishment of high education
  • Full Time as determined by your establishment and program of study
  • A graduate or skilled degree
  • You do not have to be compelled to be attending a University Partnered college to use



Here are what you wish to use for the Pat Tillman Scholarship.

  • Current resume: Résumé as well as education, work, individuals service history, recognition and awards attained.
  • Two essays supported prompts provided within the application
  • Financial worksheet
  • Character recommendation from a 3rd party
  • Biography of no over 250 words
  • Student Aid Report (SAR) generated through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Two photos from military service or with their married person UN agency is/was within the military
  • The institutional aid award letter
  • A background check.
  • DD-214 Documentation of military community or service impact sort of military married person.

The Pat Tillman Scholarship applicants are hand-picked supported service, scholarship, leadership and impact



As the Pat Tillman Scholarship is renewable, candidates are expected to present the annual funding renewability documents.

Renewability of Pat Tillman Scholarship will based mostly on:

  • Resume
  • Two 400-word essay queries
  • Character recommendation from a 3rd party
  • A 250-word account
  • Completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and a monetary worksheet that features the present budget of all expenses and incomes for the social unit, to incorporate all military advantages.
  • Completed Student Aid Report (SAR) generated through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Two photos from military service or with their married person UN agency is/was within the military
  • Proof of Military Service: most up-to-date doctor’s degree 214, Officer Record transient, time period Record transient, Basic Individual Record, Personal information Record, Performance outline Record, or Report on individual Personnel.
  • Permission for PTF to finish a background check



To apply, candidates can register and begin the application processes both online and through email.

To start applying, click here: Application portal


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The application cycle opens Gregorian calendar month. one and can shut at 11:59 p.m. (PST) on a Gregorian calendar month. 28.




  • Do I need to be a full-time student before I will apply?

Yes, candidates should arrange on being listed full time in their program throughout the award year(s) so as to be eligible.


  • Am I eligible to use certification in an exceedingly specific educational field?

The Pat Tillman Scholarship is only available to those pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or professional degree.


  • Is there a minimum GPA requirement in order to be considered?

No, there is no minimum GPA requirement to apply.


  • Does it matter where my school is located?

Yes, only those attending an American institution (with the main campus being located in the U.S.) may apply to become a Tillman Scholar


  • What if I am taking my classes online?

Distance learners are eligible to apply provided they are full-time students


  • Can a Pat Tillman Scholarship award be renewed?

Annual funding renewability will be considered for the Scholarship if you earn and obtain a minimum of 3.0GPA in subsequent years.

Learn more: The Pat Tillman Scholarship FAQs



The Pat Tillman Scholarship invests in the future of military veterans and their spouses through academic scholarships.

The Pat Tillman Scholarship covers tuition, fees, books, and other expenses as it is worth a $ 22,000-lifetime award or $11,000 average award.

For more information about Pat Tillman Scholarship, visit Pat Tillman Scholarship



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