Raiseme Micro Scholarship 2022(Requiremet & Accurate Guide)

While you may be familiar with more conventional scholarship opportunities, such as those awarded to deserving students for their academic achievements, creative writings, or otherwise unusual backgrounds, this scholarship opportunity from a smaller university is here to help you attain your educational goals. Micro scholarships are a whole new world for you.


Raiseme Micro Scholarship

An online micro-scholarship is one that connects students with institutions in order to provide them with financial assistance with their college tuition costs. They achieve this goal by connecting students through websites that match students with colleges to earn money toward tuition

As early as ninth-grade students may begin earning money toward their college education via the micro-scholarships program. Micro-scholarships are awarded by colleges and universities that partner with Raise.me

Sites like Raise.me allow kids to choose the institutions they’d want to attend and do basic activities in order to earn money to pay for college or university.

A micro-scholarship is a small grant that you can earn during high school or community college and put towards tuition at a four-year college or university.

The micro-scholarships you earn represent the minimum amount of institutional aid you will receive once you apply to a school, are accepted and enroll.



Raise.me doesn’t display the maximum earnings, but each institution has a cap on the amount of money that may be made on the platform, and this cap changes from school to school.

On average, high school students get $25,000 in micro-scholarships over the course of four years if they fulfill the college’s usual qualifying standards.

Furthermore, just because you see a certain amount of money in your portfolio for each school doesn’t imply you won’t make more money there if you are admitted.

It’s only that the institution is only prepared to guarantee a specific amount of money in advance of the start date. Once you are accepted, the college will award you at least that amount, and can always add more if they see fit.



Common achievements students can earn money for with Micro Scholarship includes:

  • Courses – getting A’s, maintaining a certain GPA, and more
  • Extracurricular – engaging in college prep or leadership activities
  • Community service – volunteering
  • Honors and awards – being recognized
  • Test scores – scoring well on the SAT/ACT
  • College events – going on a college visit
  • FAFSA – completing the FAFSA senior year
  • Work experience – working, interning, or supporting one’s family



Micro Scholarship has international partners in the UK and Canada, though that doesn’t impact the eligibility of prospective students, who still need to be graduating from school in the US in order to use Raise.me.



Micro Scholarship partners have requirements for credits and GPA.

Raise.me partners require that students have a minimum of 15 credits entered in their portfolio to be submitted and meet their minimum GPA.

A partner college may require that a student has 15 credits on their Portfolio and a GPA of 3.0. Another college might only require a GPA of 2.5.

Senior students must have met those requirements on the day of the earning deadline for each college. Colleges require 15 credits, and if a senior doesn’t have 15 credits by the deadline of a college, they will not be submitted to that college.




Raise.me is the most widely used micro-scholarship program. When it began in 2014, it was a social entrepreneurial initiative backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Since then, 2 million students have utilized Raise.me to earn almost $6 billion.


Students in high school may build a profile on this site at no cost. Details about the student, such as their high school, graduation year, and interests and hobbies, are shared with the audience. All of this information is also included in their resumes.

While a transcript may be used to verify grades, many extracurricular activities are submitted by the student on the basis of an honour system.

In addition to receiving scholarships based on their achievements, students are also given $100 for each person they refer. Each referral is eligible for a $100 bonus as well.

Teenagers choose universities they’d want to attend and follow them. More than 300 universities, including the University of Chicago, Penn State, and Tulane University, have signed up for the service. Students should follow as many universities as they wish since there is no danger in doing so.



To apply for the micro Scholarship, click https://www.raise.me/ to sign up.



Colleges set their own deadlines by which a student needs to have applied for admission.  This is not the same as the earning deadline.

For example, the earning deadline on Raise.me might be March 1st, but a student needs to have applied to the college by December 1st in order to be eligible.

Note: Be sure to check the application deadline on each college’s profile page.

To find the eligibility requirements and deadlines for each college partner, go to their College page and click “Requirements.”



To get the Micro Scholarship funds, students must be admitted to, and choose to attend, the schools offering and accepting the micro-scholarships.

More than 250 schools participate in the Micro Scholarship from state schools and private schools.

  • State Schools:
  • Penn State
  • Oklahoma
  • University of San Diego
  • Arizona State
  • Private universities:
  • Carnegie Mellon
  • Oberlin
  • Tulane


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  • How do I qualify?

Students in high school and community college can create an online account with Raise.me and start earning right away. The site gives students credit for past achievements as well as future ones.

  • How do I earn a micro-scholarship?

With a Raise.me student profile, students can enter their grades, hobbies, honors and awards, community service, and other achievements into their profile and get rewarded for these activities by colleges

  • How much can I earn?

The award amounts vary based on activity. One student in Pennsylvania earned $400 for taking an advanced placement course.

  • Do I have to pay to be a part of the micro-scholarship program?

Raise.me is entirely free for students!

  • What makes micro-scholarships so special?

Raise.me recognizes that planning for college can be time-consuming, challenging, and expensive. I believe that Raise.me’s a micro-scholarship program can help students and their families get a head start.

  • When do I get the money?

Your micro-scholarship earnings are realized once you have applied, been accepted, and enrolled in a given college, as long as all requirements have been met. As it is part of your financial aid package, you can think of the money as being received once you actually go to that school.

  • RaiseMe can be used by whom?

Creating a RaiseMe profile is open to kids in grades 9 through 11 in the United States. Dec. 1 is the deadline for 12th-graders in the United States to finish their profile information.

  • How do I get started?

Begin by signing up for a Raise.me account online.

  • Is RaiseMe free to use?

For high school students and their schools, RaiseMe is completely free.

  • How can I get these K-State scholarships?

You must complete your RaiseMe profile by Dec. 1 of your senior year and submit your K-State application for admission before the priority application deadline.

  • No longer in 9th grade. Can I include stuff I did in high school earlier?

Yes! Achievements from your freshman year may be added back to your high school record.

  • Do I have to use RaiseMe to obtain K-State scholarships?

No. To be eligible for a K-State scholarship, you do not have to take part in RaiseMe. It is a tracking tool to indicate your progress toward obtaining a K-State award. If you opt not to utilize RaiseMe, you will not harm your chances of getting funds from K-State.



A micro scholarship is money that high school students can earn for their college expenses.

Micro-scholarships are awarded by colleges and universities that partner with Raise.me, and each college or university creates its own system of micro-scholarship.

Interested High school students can create a profile on Raise.me and search by the college to see the estimated cost of attendance, acceptance rate, salary after graduating, and more.

Micro-scholarships awarded by one college are applicable to that college only, and are not transferable. Students should note that each college devises its own system of awards.

Micro-scholarships are only awarded when students apply, are admitted, and enroll in the college they earned them for.

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