Wgu Scholarships 2022 (Requirement and powerful guide)

Scholarships at Western Governors University are available to deserving students because of the generosity of several corporations and charities, as well as specific US government credits. WGU Scholarships help you achieve your educational and professional objectives by removing barriers.



The institution was formed in 1997 by 19 American governors after a conference of the Western Governors Association in 1995 when the concept was first discussed. Salt Lake City, Utah-based Western Governors Institution (WGU) is a non-profit, recognized private online American university.

To be eligible for one of these scholarships, you must meet the conditions for that award. Students may apply for these scholarships before or after the first 90 days of class or starting a course, but not later than that.

These are a few of the most competitive programs out there. Based on their academic record, financial necessity, desire to perform the online study, and current competency, as well as other factors.

These are the specific fields in which WGU Scholarships provide widely respected undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees.

In order to be eligible for more than one Wgu scholarship, students must apply to more than one program of study. It is up to the evaluation committee to decide whether a student is qualified for more than one scholarship and to grant one of them.

Those who work for WGU and their wives are ineligible.




There are a lot of scholarships under WGU programs that are available for students. These WGU scholarships give students the opportunities to gain degrees in programs such as K-12 education, Business, Information technology, and Healthcare. The list of approved WGU approved scholarships is:

  • WGU Alumni Master’s Scholarship
  • WGU Finish Strong Scholarship
  • WGU Excellence in Health Information Management Scholarship
  • Margaret McClure Scholarship
  • WGU Women in Leadership Scholarship
  • WGU ITT Transfer Scholarship
  • WGU Linda Knodel Leaders in Nursing and Health Scholarship
  • WGU Legacy Scholarship
  • WGU Loves Teachers Scholarship
  • Vision Scholarships at Western Governors University
  • WGU Military Appreciation
  • Advance Your Career in Accounting Scholarship
  • Business Ready Scholarship
  • Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Scholarship
  • Dominion Energy Scholarship
  • SHRM Leadership Scholarship ETC.



  • WGU Alumni Master’s Scholarship:

As part of WGU’s Advance Your Career in Accounting Scholarship, 1,000 students will be awarded $500,000 in scholarships. The institution is hoping that this would help students start or develop their careers in accounting.

  • Business Ready Scholarship:

In order to help ambitious business professionals achieve their WGU business bachelor’s degree, Western Governors University provides up to 100 Businesses Scholarships each year.  This scholarship is specifically open to students living in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania

  • Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Scholarship:

To honor some of the dedicated and caring healthcare personnel, WGU has established the Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Scholarship. This in particular is worth up to $4,000.

  • Dominion Energy Scholarship:

For students who require a business or IT degree, WGU and Dominion Energy have formed a partnership. This scholarship is worth $2500. Utah and Southwest Wyoming citizens are eligible

  • SHRM Leadership Scholarship:

$2,000 scholarship is available from WGU to Human Resource Management

Learn more about Wgu business scholarship here> https://www.wgu.edu/online-business-degrees.html


WGU Health Scholarships

  • ANPD Excellence in Nursing Education Scholarship:

This scholarship is worth $2500,  ANPD members in the nursing or healthcare sectors are eligible.

  • Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Scholarship:

To honor some of the dedicated and caring healthcare personnel, WGU has established the Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Scholarship. Specifically, it’s worth $4,000.

  • Health Services Coordination Scholarship:

WGU scholarships worth up to $3,000, are meant to aid students who want to develop their careers in the healthcare industry. In addition, students will be able to receive a bachelor’s degree in health services coordination from WGU. Aside from that, they put themselves in a position to help patients and customers.

  • WGU Healthcare Partners Fund:

Staff at partner institutions may use the WGU Healthcare Partners Fund. Employees at WGU’s partner hospitals and healthcare organizations are eligible for financial help of up to $2,500.

  • Linda Knodel Leaders in Nursing and Health Scholarship:

Those who embody Linda’s attitude and dedication to leadership in their work with AONE are eligible for this award. Up to $5,000 is available in this award.

  • Nurses Appreciation Scholarship:

Through June 30, WGU is offering a scholarship to nurses who want to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing. Indeed, Western Governors University will give up to 200 scholarships to motivated nurses who are ready to face the mounting demands of today’s health care profession.

It’s interesting to note that this year’s scholarship amount has been boosted by $1,500. WGU intends to be able to assist with the needs of nurses around the country who have been severely affected by the recent economic crisis.

  • Margaret McClure Scholarship:

WGU’s College of Health Professions offers a number of distinguished awards, the largest of which is a tuition scholarship of up to $5,000.

  • WGU Excellence in Health Information Management Scholarship:

these WGU scholarships are meant to assist IT and healthcare professionals. Up to a maximum of 2,500 dollars, to be more is awarded.

Learn more about WGU health scholarships here> https://www.wgu.edu/online-nursing-health-degrees.html


WGU Education Scholarships

  • Become a Teacher Scholarship:

The WGU Become a Teacher Scholarship is valued up to $4,000.   A total of $1,500 of these WGU scholarships will go toward the student’s salary during the demonstration teaching period.

  • K-12 Partner Scholarship:

The K–12 Partner Scholarship is available to prospective students. This scholarship is worth $2,500. The $2500 covers the four-term tuition fee, which is $625 each time.

  • WGU Loves Teachers Scholarship:

These up to $4,000 awards are meant to assist present instructors in honing their pedagogical techniques in the classroom. Moreover, it helps present instructors go into administration. As an alternative, it aids aspirants to become teachers by providing them with the necessary certifications to begin a fulfilling career in education.

Learn more about WGU scholarships for Nursing and health  here> https://www.wgu.edu/online-teaching-degrees.html


WGU Information Technology Scholarships:

  • Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Scholarship:

WGU  recognizes some of the hard-working, caring healthcare workers with the Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Scholarship. In specifically, it is worth $4,000.

  • Code Your Own Path Scholarship:

WGU’s College of Information Technology is offering a $5,000 to Code Your Own Path Scholarship

  •  Dominion Energy Scholarship:

All residents of Utah and Southwest Wyoming may apply for a $2,500 Dominion Energy Scholarship. In addition, WGU’s IT and business bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are eligible for the program.

  • WGU Cybersecurity Scholarship:

There is a $5,000 worth WGU Cybersecurity Scholarship. After that, beneficiaries may use the money toward a master’s or bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity offered by WGU

Learn more WGU scholarships I.T  here > https://www.wgu.edu/online-it-degrees.html


WGU General Scholarships:

Here is the list of the general scholarships offered by the WGU’s program;

  • WGU Community College Partner Scholarship
  • Essential Workers Scholarship
  • WGU Alumni Master’s Scholarship
  • Administrative Professionals Scholarship
  • Master Your Future Scholarship
  • WGU Institutional Partner Fund
  • WGU StraighterLine Scholarship
  • Legacy Scholarship
  • WGU Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
  • Harper College Transfer Scholarship
  • WGU AmeriCorps Scholarship
  • Leadership Scholarship
  • WGU Red Cross Partner Scholarship
  • Western Association of Food Chains Scholarship
  • WGU Superhero Within Scholarship
  • I Have a Dream Scholarship etc.

Learn more here



To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a new WGU student who has been admitted into the Wgu university. Despite the fact that many scholarships will be given out, the competition is fierce. Scholarships will be provided based on the candidate’s academic record, preparedness for online education, and current competence, among other factors. This scholarship can be used in addition to any tuition discounts for which you may be eligible.



Students must meet the following requirements to be considered for a WGU scholarship:

Submit the application form.
Fill out the form for the scholarship.
Submit official transcripts of all prior college work
Be officially admitted to WGU.
Transcripts of all previous college work should be submitted.
Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)



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There are 3 main simple steps you can use to apply for the scholarship. The steps are:

  1. Complete the admissions application.
  2. Complete the general scholarship application.
  3. Log in to the scholarship portal and apply.

Complete the admissions application:

You must be officially accepted as a WGU student in order to be qualified for any of the WGU’s scholarships. Work with your enrollment counselor to progress through the admissions process and submit your application. Please note that returning WGU alumni are required to submit the Returning Graduate Application.

Submit your graduate application Here

In case you have forgotten your password you can reset it Here

If you are applying for WGU general scholarships  click Here

Complete the general scholarship application:

Applicants for all WGU scholarships are asked to submit a general application, which helps us learn more about you and which WGU scholarships you may qualify for. Your MyWGU student login credentials, which you will get immediately after completing Step 1, are required in order to access the application. You are eligible to apply for scholarships within 90 days of starting a degree program, either before or after. You must complete the application within 90 days of your intended start date.

Log in to the scholarship portal and apply:

We’ll let you know the scholarships you qualify for based on the information you provide in Step 2. Finally, log into the Scholarship Portal, check the suggested possibilities, and submit additional applications for any scholarship you’d want to be considered for. Additional applications must be filed within five days after submitting the main one.

Click here to access the user login portal



The Deadline for Submission of Applications

All WGU Scholarship applications must be submitted by December 31 of each year.


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